We all screamed for ice cream!

August 12, 2014

Today we had so much fun in Ready, Set, Kindergarten! and it was all about ice cream.

Lots of books about ice cream

We read some stories, sang songs, and made “ice cream” cones. Our pretend ice cream was made from shaving cream, glue, and food coloring. It may have looked like ice cream, but we couldn’t eat it!

Chocolate and sprinkles!


Two scoops!

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Many thanks to our amazing library intern, Thao. She has been working in the Children’s Room this summer and helping us out in so many ways.  We will miss you! And another big thank you to our Learning Ambassadors, Maggie and Brianna! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Ready, Set, Kindergarten! is taking a break for the rest of the summer. We’ll be back on September 9.


Preschoolers’ Colorful Storytime

August 5, 2014

Some of our colorful books

Today in Ready, Set, Kindergarten! we had fun reading stories about colors. We read about a chameleon who wanted his own color and a dog with lots of colors.

We played a game with the colors we were wearing, and a guessing game–all the kids were really good at finding that mouse, no matter what color house he was hiding in.

Everyone got to make their own suncatchers. It was really fun watching how the colors changed when we sprayed their drawings with water!

To see all the photos, click here.

Next week is our last storytime for the summer. Join us at 2 pm for stories and other activities about ice cream!

M is for Music

July 29, 2014

Ready, Set, Kindergarten! was buzzing with sound today as we shared books, songs, rhymes, and most of all music.

Not only did we listen to some fun stories, we also sang “Old McDonald Had a Band” and played in our very own orchestra. Then all the kids got to make their own musical shaker. This took some work, and we had a very large crowd, so I wasn’t able to get too many photos. But here are a few. To see the rest, click here.


Join us next Tuesday at 2 pm for stories and more about colors.

Getting ready to battle!

July 29, 2014

Tanmay, Arjun, Tristan, Janessa, Bailey, and Emilia

Our Battle of the Books team is so excited! They received a full set of brand-new books, thanks to the Friends of the Ossining Public Library. The Friends were generous enough to purchase 6 sets of the books the team members will be reading for this county-wide competition.

Thank you, Friends of the Ossining Public Library!

Check out this link for more information about Westchester Library System’s 1st Battle of the Books.

Splash me! Splash me!

July 22, 2014

Water! Bubbles! Splash! We had a very wet time today in Ready, Set, Kindergarten!  From books about splashing and bubble baths to an interactive story (with water spritzes!) to chasing bubbles, all the preschoolers had a great time today.

We read some fun stories,

chased bubbles, and got wet.


Everyone made a bubble wand to take home.

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Join us next Tuesday at 2 pm for stories and activities about music.

Let’s Grow!

July 15, 2014

Some of the books we read about seeds

Today in Ready, Set, Kindergarten! we had lots of fun reading, singing, and talking about seeds.

We had a very large and enthusiastic crowd listening, singing, and pretending to be a growing flower. We also played a game with things that grow from seeds to work on our vocabulary skills, which was our early literacy tip today.

After the stories, everyone got to make a drawing or collage of their fantasy garden, inspired by My Garden, by Kevin Henkes. Each child also got a take-home packet to grow a plant of their own.

Growing flowers!

A garden with a giraffe and alligator

What happens with a little water and sunlight

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Join us next Tuesday at 2 pm when we have fun with bubbles.

Bug fun for preschoolers

July 10, 2014

Some of our bug books

Ready, Set, Kindergarten! is back. We had a big crowd of preschoolers on Tuesday who had lots of fun calling Ladybug (yoo-hoo!), making a scary face to scare away the giant green frog, and listening to the sound of crickets.

We also played a letter game and sang some songs. All the children made their own caterpillars, and they spelled their names out on them. Join us next Tuesday at 2 pm when we’ll learn about seeds.


To see all the photos, click here.


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