Friday Favorites Book Review

Welcome to Friday Favorites!  Starting today we are going to be posting short reviews of some of the  books that we are currently reading and loving.  So without any further ado The Absolute Value of Mike by Kathryn Erskine.

Fourteen year old Mike, son of a genius mathematician, is sent to live with his 80-year-old great-aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania while his father teaches in Romania for the summer.  His success driven dad thinks this is the perfect opportunity for Mike to hone his engineering skills and qualify for a prestigious math and science school as he helps his great-uncle build an Artesian Screw.  But the members of the town of Do Over have another idea all together.  Mike finds himself thrust into a community wide project that has nothing to do with engineering.   Together with his legally blind, but still driving Aunt Moo, depressed Uncle Poppy, a melancholy homeless man and a tattoo covered punk rocker, Mike sets about to  raise $40,000 to adopt a boy from Romania.   With equal parts humor and poignancy Erskine tells a story about the redemptive power of love, what it means to be a family and what we can accomplish when we share a common goal.

Submitted by Trish

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