Friday Favorites Book Review

The Trouble with May Amelia, by Jennifer L. Holm

Life is not easy for May Amelia Jackson. She is the only girl in her family–she has seven brothers! And she is expected to help her mother with all the household chores, attend school (where she is also the only girl), and help out her brothers on the family’s farm. She and her family live by the Nasel River, in Washington State, and can’t get anywhere except by boat. Her parents don’t speak English, only Finnish. The year is 1900.
One day, a stranger comes by the farm, offering great riches to all those who invest in his company, which is planning to build a town on the Nasel River. May Amelia is thrilled when Pappa asks her to translate. And the family is thrilled when he decides to invest–they are going to be rich!
But when things don’t go as expected, Pappa blames May Amelia; he believes she is the cause of all their troubles, and she moves off the farm to live with her uncle.  May Amelia has lots of sisu (Finnish for courage), but is it enough  to bring the family back together?

submitted by Debbie

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