Science Mania Episode 1: Abraham Lincoln

Today we had the first session of a new summer program here at the Ossining Public Library.  Science Mania kicked off and we had a lot of fun performing experiments with perhaps the most most Super Heroic of our presidents: Abraham Lincoln.

Our intrepid five to eight year old scientists first watched a demonstration on the strange properties of copper, observing that water was useless to remove the murkiness from our old pennies, but were surprised to see salt and vinegar make them shine brightly.  The young explorers then grabbed lots of other liquids and tried to see which ones worked.  Ginger Ale and Corn Oil failed to clean, but Taco Sauce, Italian Dressing and Barbecue Sauce were resounding successes!

We then switched over to physics and attempted the Abe Lincoln high dive, showing gravity, inertia and friction.  We even let other presidents in on the action too!  Thomas Jefferson made the biggest splash.  Some of the experimenters set up impressive stunts, having five or more presidents dive at once!

We finished up the session looking at the malachite grow on our pennies, making educated guesses about how it got there while we were off experimenting and talking a little about the Statue of Liberty.

Many thanks to all the scientists who came, experimented and shared their results.  Next week we will be doing experiments with colors and have a lot more fun getting hands on with science!

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