new yearsOne of my New Year’s resolutions about 7 years ago was to stop blaming my mother for squashing my dream of becoming a librarian and just do it.  I did not want to grow old pathetically clinging to the notion that I did not fulfill my dream because of my mother.  Frankly, it seemed a bit juvenile.  That said, I took the bull by it proverbial horns and went back to school.

Fast forward to 2014 and I am working in my dream job and in need of an updated New Years resolution.  My husband wants me to write a book.  I think he believes that he will be able to retire on its windfall.  Everyone (except him) knows this is not the case and truthfully, I am not certain that I have a book in me.  Unless the reading public wants to hear about the everyday adventures of a mildly humorous, overextended suburban mom I am out of luck!  So why not combine what I am doing anyway, reading children’s literature, with brief spurts of writing in a venue that has already been created for me.

Read All About It- the Ossining Public Library Children’s Room Blog was started years ago to make our patrons more aware of what was happening in the room and to highlight our fabulous programs and collection materials.  So once a week, or as I finish reading books, I am going to share my thoughts via the blog.  You may be totally uninterested as I find myself sticking predominantly to the historical fiction genre.  I hereby challenge myself to read a wider variety.  My posts will appear under the title What’s Trish Reading.  I said I was mildly humorous, not wildly creative.  Now that I have blogged this the pressure is on.  I am keeping my  fingers crossed that this resolution turns out as successfully as my earning my MLS degree versus the one I make every year to give up Coca-Cola and chocolate chip cookies! Cheers to 2014!

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