What’s Trish Reading 2/18/14

Kathryn Lasky where have you been all my life?  Of course since I said that I would start blogging about what I have been reading I have been in a rut.  I have taken so many books home only to abandon them shortly thereafter.  I have a good friend who plugs and plods through anything and everything she opens.  I feel like there are too many good books to have to muddle through.  I should be fighting sleep and ferociously flipping pages to get to the end.  I should want to cheat and read ahead to find out what is going to happen to my characters.  So that said, in shifting the “L” shelves last week I picked up Kathryn Lasky’s, True North.  Sadly I have to admit that I know precious little about the Underground Railroad, the work of Harriett Tubman and the other brave men and women who assisted escaped slaves at every turn as they headed north on their journey to Canada.  I assumed once a slave made their way into the North they were “home free.” Tragically this was not the case and many Northerners looking to make a quick dollar, were all too happy to capture and return escaped slaves for a hefty sum.   True North is the story of Afrika an escaped slave from Virginia and Lucy daughter of Boston aristocracy.  Alternating narrators, the story follows Afrika as she escapes the Virginia plantation of Marleythorpe and begins her harrowing journey north and Lucy, longing for more than a place in New England high society, as she searches for the true story behind her Grandfather’s abolitionist activities.  The tension builds until the exciting and inevitable intersection of the two contrasting lives at which point they merge with the shared purpose gaining of Afrika’s freedom.  Take a look, you won’t regret it.

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