Duct Tape Party 2014!

Duct tape proved itself as a versatile tool yet again!!

At our Duct Tape Party on Monday we used duct tape to play games, make bow-ties, bookmarks, and anything else we could think of!

OPL Kids used their communication and trust skills to traverse the duct tape mines, blindfolded! One partner had to rely on the other to get to the end without stepping on any duct tape, relying on their partner’s vocal instructions!

Duct Tape Party

Looks hard doesn’t it?!

Then our OPL Kids tried to pick up as many cards from the floor as they could by rolling around wrapped up in duct tape (sticky side out).  We had two winners – tied with 14 cards!!

Duct Tape Party

Finally our OPL Kids got creative with duct tape and made some really fun bookmarks, purses, and even duct tape people!!

Duct Tape Party

To see the rest of the photos – check out our Duct Tape Party Flickr album. Duct Tape Party was a huge success — and we got a lot of requests to have another one! So stay tuned! Also if you like getting craft and making things, check out our Make Break program, Monday evenings 4:15-5:00 pm, starting Jan 5 – March 16.

A big thank you to Jonathan Fletcher for helping out and sharing his superior duct tape skills with us!

Duct Tape Party

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