Rubber Ducky Day!

Kids decorated their own rubber duckies

Yesterday was the first session of a new program called Every Day’s a Holiday!

We celebrated National Rubber Ducky Day with some fun activities.

First, we had a trivia quiz. Did you know that, in 1992, a shipping container with 29,000 rubber ducks was washed overboard during a storm in the Pacific Ocean? Did you know that those ducks have shown up in places such as Hawaii and the Arctic? The movement of those ducks has been used to study ocean currents!

After the trivia quiz, we had a Rubber Ducky relay race. Two teams competed to see who could get the most rubber duckies in their box. The kids had to carry a rubber duck on their head, on the tops of their shoes, on a spoon, and more. Amazingly, both teams got the same  number of ducks. All participants were awarded candy!

Rubber Ducky Relay Race Start

Rubber Ducky Relay Race Finish

Our last activity was decorating rubber ducks with Sharpies (see picture at the top). This was fun for everyone.

Join us next week to celebrate National Popcorn Day!



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