Ian read 1,000 Books!

We have another picture on our 1,000 Books Wall of Fame! Congratulations to 5 year old Ian Covelli. Come into the Children’s Room to see his picture, along with all of the others who have accomplished this impressive feat.

picture of Ian

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Don’t Be Irrational: Celebrate Pi Day!

Even though Pi Day (March 14) was yesterday, today we had a Pi Day themed STEAM program. We had a trivia quiz and an art challenge: 3 colors, 14 minutes, 15 squares (3.1415).


Some fun trivia about pi:

Did you know that Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day? Or that if you read all the known digits of pi aloud without stopping it would take 133 years?

Here’s a website where you can find your birthday or almost any series of numbers, somewhere in pi. Click here to try it.

For more information about Pi Day or pi, click here.



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Namaste: family yoga in the library

A big thank you to Elisha Simpson of the Crossover Yoga Project for a fun morning here in the library.

All the children and adults enjoyed the yoga poses and more.

To see all the photos, click here.

For more information about Elisha or the Crossover Yoga Project, click here.

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Family Yoga Coming on Saturday

crossover yoga jpeg

This Saturday, we are pleased to present Family Yoga, with Elisha Simpson of the Crossover Yoga Project.

This is a program for children and families. Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Here is more information about the Crossover Yoga Project.

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Dr. Seuss engineering challenge

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday at the Ossining Public Library last week during our weekly STEAM program.

Materials for Dr. Seuss STEAM











The goal was to make a nest for an egg that even an elephant could sit on without breaking the egg.

Here are some of the nests:

Join us Wednesdays at 4:15 for more fun STEAM. For kids in 2nd to 6th grades.


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Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day

On Saturday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day during Family Storytime. We read some books, we sang some songs, and we heard all about My Froggy Valentine.

The kids (and some of the grown-ups) made Valentines.

To see all the photos, click here.

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A Snow Day and Pizza!

Although the library was closed yesterday due to the big snowstorm, we still celebrated National Pizza Day, although a day late.

In Every Day’s a Holiday we started by playing pizza bingo. The winners were lucky to get coupons from Lucy’s Pizza for a single slice. THANK YOU LUCY’S PIZZA!

After the bingo, we made dessert pizza: pizza crust, strawberry pie filling (for tomato sauce), shredded white chocolate (for the cheese), and sliced strawberries (for the pepperoni).

Here are some photos:

To see all the Holiday photos, click here.


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