Summer Reading Game Kick Off

Come to our Summer Reading Game Kick Off on Wednesday morning from 10 am – noon!

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Ever wanted to have a pen pal?

The Children’s Room is participating in a Pen Pal Exchange with other libraries this summer!

Each week, we will send your letters or pictures to other participating libraries. This week, our letters will go to the Mount Pleasant Public Library, in Mount Pleasant, Iowa!

Stop by and write a letter or draw a picture. Then just drop it in our mailbox, and we’ll send it out.

Check back to see what we get from other libraries!

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Happy National Scavenger Hunt Day!

In our Every Day’s a Holiday Program, we celebrated National Scavenger Hunt Day (May 24th) with a book scavenger hunt in the library. Participants found 20 different types of books and had lots of fun along the way.


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We had a great Skype visit with Claire Legrand!

OPLbery book

On Friday afternoon, May 19th, the OPLbery Club members spoke with author Claire Legrand via Skype. Claire’s book, Some Kind of Happiness won the 2017 OPLbery Medal.
We showed Claire the OPLbery Medal on our copy of the book and she was delighted. Then she talked about the process of writing the book and “the story behind the story.” Many of the characters in the book are based on people that she knew growing up. The setting was also based on her grandparents’ real home. The OPLbery members asked her a lot of questions which she cheerfully answered. We felt very privileged to be able to have this experience. Thank you Claire Legrand for taking time to Skype with us!skype visitClaire Legrand

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We Can’t Wait to Talk to Claire Legrand!

clair legrand flyer

Tomorrow afternoon marks the return of the OPLbery Club. This will be our 8th year! And we are so excited to be hosting a Skype visit with author Claire Legrand, who wrote last year’s OPLbery Medal-winning book, Some Kind of Happiness.

The OPLbery Club is an annual mock Newbery club at the Ossining Public Library that began in 2010. The club members read and evaluate newly published books written by authors living in the United States. The club meets monthly through January, when they award the OPLbery Medal to the year’s most distinguished book. The club is open to children in the Ossining School District who are in 4th grade and up ONLY.

oplbery flyer 2017

If you are interested in joining the OPLbery Club, call or drop by the Children’s Room for more information.

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We’re All Sharks!

Today in Family Storytime we read some fun books about sharks, we heard the story of the three little fish and the big, bad shark, and we made our own shark fins.


To see all the photos, click here.

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Can you see me?

This week in Full STEAM Ahead we learned about animal camouflage. And then everyone tried to make art that would be camouflaged in one of three habitats: coral reef, forest, or desert.

We used washable markers to make our designs on plain white coffee filters. When the designs were done, they were sprayed with water, and the colors ran and bled into each other. Here are a few of the designs. Did they succeed in blending in with their backgrounds?

To see all the photos, click here.

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