Book Club News

The Ossining Public Library currently is not running a monthly book club for kids. These are the programs we have for school age kids who really like to read:

Battle of the Books
If you like to read and are in third through fifth grade this school year, you may be interested in being on our Battle of the Books team. We will start meeting towards the end of the school year. You will receive the five books chosen for this year’s competition. We’ll meet weekly from July through mid-October. Meetings are fun; we play games, have mock battles, and more. If you think you might be interested in joining Battle of Books, stop by the Children’s Room and talk to Debbie.

OPLbery Club
The OPLbery Club is a mock Newbery club (click here for more information about the Newbery Medal) at the Ossining Public Library that began in 2010. The club members read and evaluate newly published books written by authors living in the United States. The club meets monthly through January, when they award the OPLbery Medal to the year’s most distinguished book. The club is open to children in the Ossining School District who are in 4th grade and up ONLY. This year’s club is almost finished–we will vote in January. We will begin a new year in the Spring. You must be in fourth grade or older to join. If this sounds interesting to you, come by and speak to either Marci or Debbie.

5 Responses to Book Club News

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  3. Linda Lichtenstein says:

    I would like to know if you have the book club group in the summer. If not are you looking for someone to run it?

    What other reading programs do you have in the summer? Do you have any reading comprehension programs?

    • oplkids says:

      We don’t usually run our book club in the summer. We are not looking for someone to run it. We will pick up again in September.
      We run a summer reading club from the end of school until early September. Children sign up, read books, and win free books as prizes.

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